Foundational Beings

A basis exists upon which the building of all else resolves. It's not the first cause nor the last but something entirely different. Looking through the telescopic lens of a reality that does not exist we see many a sight to behold. All sorts of comings and goings occur right before our very nose and yet we seem oblivious to a mechanical nature from which we were born. There is never anything quite like the time we are given.

Since we all stand alone and aloof to connections well beyond our minuscule comprehension we seem to be in complete control of who and what we are. Thinking is and so we are. Sometimes we see far too much of our shadow and shadows, mistaking it for a reality that is neither here nor there and yet we weep with glee or sorrow depending upon the roulette table spinning our way to a glory just out of reach. Of course we make and create our trials to suit our needs and desires. 'Paying the price' just doesn't quite seem to do it justice.

Coming alive we view with discernment and weigh the pros and cons but for those beyond simple mathematical tricks of the trade there are no 'pros' nor 'cons'. Our rightful place in the Universe is right where we are. Our consumption of hope and desire do not leave an emptiness with which we find victory and a happiness of completing another job well done. It's all within our grasp and yet our pretension allows it all to slip away quietly into the night of our dreams and... despair. So why the long face? It's all a sham anyway.

We are what we believe and in so becoming we become not. It's not about belief.

So go ahead and believe what you like.

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