Pick Me Coach

Oh the pressures and pleasures of life. As we make and bind our way down the road of experience the tendency is to seek out new life, new civilizations, to boldly go where no Man has gone before. In the thirst for escape nothing and no one will stand in our way and as we furtively peek upon the sidelines who is it that strangely enough fixates our attention but us. There we are in all of our glory doing what we know best. Nothing, nothing at all. And despite our busy appearance we sooner or later come to realize that watching the Game of Life is not a participation event even though we convince ourselves otherwise.

As we sit there taking up time and space is it not our rightful duty to do such? Is this not what we were created in the lab for? Out of our own imagination we pick and choose that which we sow as seeds upon the winds of change watching time envelope and embrace that luscious thing called me.

I live so that others might come to know of life. That is like a 'duh' moment as the mind races with meaning interpreting and reinterpreting the words thrown upon this canvas. But alas, I am not an artist pulling creativity out of thin air much like a magician conjuring awe and amazement. Don't blame the mirror when it reflects that one thing which disturbs the tranquility of death, enough so as to create purpose and plan.

We are all but puppets on a string1. What divides the men from the boys so-to-speak is the intellect understanding that it is not in charge. It really isn't even in the overwhelming urge to believe otherwise. "I am, therefore I exist."2

As we all race to the bitter end will it then occur to us that we've be had, that all along when we thought we were true and just we were actually emulating the ostrich god, sticking ourselves neck deep in lonely solitude and letting our imagination run wild. At least we thought and sometimes even fervently believed that we were free but alas, no one can fool us like we ourselves. Good job!

There is no escape from life. Why not just get used to the idea and realize that as life flows before your very eyes the coldness of the bench below your bottom has long since left and been replaced with a warm and comfortable embrace giving the sense that all is well in the universe.

Can all be well with the universe when you've been sidelined?

The fact of the matter is that whereever and whenever you put yourself you will embrace that 'special' moment of your creation. No one can fool us quite like we ourselves. There can be no other gods before me.[3]

  1. Just not in the way that you might think. 

  2. Here is a picture of someone throwing up in the toilet. Can't see it? 

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