Passing The Danger Zone, Out For A Thrill

Wreckless1 are the dangers ahead as we speed into oblivion and seek recompense for our ways and means. There is always a battle afoot and yet here we are, battling as if our very lives depended upon the outcome of our dreams. As we instill life into our thoughts we suddenly become overcome with conviction. Yes, the thrill of the chase is upon us as we intently watch our reflection for signs, symbols and portents. Can there be any other way?

Awake, we dream and yet neither are our god-given rights. As we express our movement we repress our moment. In the captured moment we find purpose and plan and as suddenly it comes, it departs. Slipping through our grasp we lose what we cannot hold. There is no other purpose in holding other than conviction. As silly as it is, we endear ourselves to it.

Riding the storm we wait it out expecting our just rewards and indeed the package arrives with our name on it all neatly tied with a bow. How pretty!

Meaning takes form and shape and delivers the blow of attention. Lost in the whirlwind of our own creation, we become.

There is no time like the present. It's all a lie of course but it makes for a good headline so we play along. Rolling the dice we regale ourselves with tale after tale of wondrous imaginings. It's a wondrous gift to be able to yawn. Where would we be without such 'abilities'.

All lies bare before us and yet in stirring the pot we take delight.

It must be the thrill of the ride which endears us to such none-sense.

  1. More than meets the eye. 

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