Codes, Creeds and Unknown Agents

The Codes Of A Loyal Officer is a good beginning and yet the story unfolds to a much greater degree beyond such simplicity. We are all soldiers dancing to the tune of our puppet masters as they pull the strings of power and prestige. If you believe that then surely your monetary rewards will shower upon upon my person in complete disregard to capacitive restrictions.1

There are rules and then there are rules.2

Unbeknownst to the best of us the Universe plays it's part. Perhaps it is more aptly described as unfolding it's expected path before us so that we may choose right from wrong. Of course there is no such distinction but that is irrelevant. Or so it seems. Following the path, we tread lightly as it is not our 'right' to question such things. Personal endeavors root easily in the soil of despair but that doesn't mean we must become gardeners so as to reap our just rewards.

All is and will be.

No one and no thing can take what is not theirs to take. Why complain about consequences when your permission is free flowing.

  1. lol! 

  2. It's funny how segregation occurs with little insight into the nature of the beast. 

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