A Commentary on the Commentary

Life has no meaning.

There, I’ve said it. Proposing significance where there is none takes courage1. Putting one’s self out there for all to see is great, especially when it becomes motivated by ‘outside’ influences. We all become so that we may see. Stepping into the limelight the focus narrows it’s gaze unto us and in that moment of propriety the world glances upon our stage and sees all.

Do you really expect that your nakedness will not be revealed? From our own, our plight becomes us. Though the badge of courage eludes our grasp we are yet to remain tall. Standing firm, we take root[^2].

Not all is at it seems2.

As we are born to live out our destiny free will finds a way. There is always a way.

Creation requires fullfillment and yet here are are wondering why we are not full-filled. Do you ‘get’ it yet?

  1. Not in a good way. [^2}: Or so we hope. 

  2. Oh what a BIG surprise! 

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