Engaging Overdrive

As we travel down the road of isolation, past regret and sorrow we tend to pick up steam so as to further our road ahead. As the impetus becomes clear we cement our relationships so as to further our road ahead. It's true, we've all been down this road before.

Regurgitating our beliefs, we find solace but as we believe so it is. Who will come to save us from the self which we have purposefully become? The answer, of course, is no one. In the same manner as we display the clothes with which we encompass our selves with so it is as we are. Momentary as it is, we are.

In defining our terms of conduct we define ourselves. There is nothing which can not be seen. Living in truth becomes us but we are so much more. There is no such thing as a lie.

Drifting apart from our rooted nature we find and discover a self which we take as our selves. Though parlor tricks have waned we remain. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is it that we have become. Who among the heathens have risen in due regard.

Our lives are lost in thinking that all is as according to our own proclivity. And yet we remain.

Never let the moment pass where we are not. As we are so much more than the experience wrought what then will we make of it. Where then will the road unfold.

Mysterious imaginings require mysterious protocols but not to worry, all is in good hands.

Free will requires subservience and so it is. Are you not glad for the presentation?

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