Sleeping With The Enemy II

As newly born we are without compromise and yet in our travels we accumulate such. Since forgiving our selves is not in the cards someone must provide and in so doing we find but another compromise to which we regale in our tales of woe and conquest. There is no way in and there is no way out.

Adjusting our selves in due regard to what life throws at us we become something very different from which we may have imagined. Here is not there. Sometimes the shoe fits but most times we find an uncomfortableness living and traveling with the baggage we have so carefully managed. Though it has been said "Travel light, travel fast." there is no _where to go so what is the hurry. Getting there is half the fun.

Through our best efforts, we live and in exacting the day's rewards we feel justified in our actions. Where is the 'rightness' in that. Where is the due regard for the complexity of the inner workings of the Universe. Boldly going where no Man has gone before is but a fools errand into oblivion. There is a lot of water under the bridge. You can either watch it flow before you or be taken by it's sublime reasonings.

Thank goodness someone came along and invented what it means to feel justified. Where would we be without such assurance.

And in good time the 'enemy' becomes us.

It's not a matter of 'waking up' but perhaps it's more a matter of wiping the sleep from our eyes and gazing upon the majesty to which we owe our entire being.

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