Just Sayin'

I've got an idea, let's blow ourselves up!

"It's time to celebrate!"

The above picture comes from an old article, Killer Klowns.

Isn't it wonderful how time flies by in a blink of an eye. Some things are best left to the past but since I never signed that contract all is well.

Scorched Earth is a great game to play and yet, though seemingly at the edge of the abyss1, the fruit falleth not. The hand of God must surely exist or else why on Earth would all the cockroaches scamper with such terrified delight. Did someone yell "Fire!" in the movie theater?

Time always tells2.

It was fun, wasn't it.

I bet it was.

  1. Now where have I heard that before. 

  2. That's why I never subscribe to it. Like a bad dog and it's philosophy never the two shall meet. 

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