Drunk With The Power of Conviction

Many who have come have succumbed. This planet is not for the faint of heart and yet it is filled to the brim with converts. Amazingly, nothing changes. So who is fooling who.

The sales literature tells us that the emotional content is off the charts and as we flock to the shores of temptation we find that there is truth to be told. As we relish our shortcomings life finds a way.

As a 'science' experiment this is all well and good but since the Universe is the board game of our dreams our 'free will' makes and takes our 'survival' to a whole new level. So the question becomes, exactly who is calling the shots. If there are no coincidences nor accidents then surely the gates of ignorance are wide open for us. Delving into possibilities we embrace the challenge. Sadly I must report that appearances are far, far from reality though conviction tells us otherwise.

If the Universe is the reflection of a God in movement then where does that leave us, are the guinea pigs who scurry to and fro anything else other than a distraction or is there a point to it all. What can the Universe 'teach' itself. Ignorance requires knowledge.

We are 'going' no where fast and no matter how hard we paddle the stream still takes us where it is that we must 'be'.

It's true, ignorance requires knowledge and yet that so-called knowledge always seems to be beyond our grasp. In reaching for the stars Man free falls to the Earth, plummeting to a certain demise of it's own making. Is it true that there is such a 'thing' as cause and effect. The answer defines the ladder upon which you have placed your self. In effort, glory is 'attained'. It's all a lie of course but it makes for good headlines.

From here you can 'see' forever.1

  1. This is the main factor as to why there is no such thing as time. It's not linear by any means. But don't take my word for it. Driving with conviction should be a Class A felony, whatever that means. 

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