Threat Assessment

Behind the curtain of which Dorothy quizzically imagines lies the pulleys and strings which seem to control all that is perceived. Some like to believe that Man controls the realms of power as well as the Halls of Justice, so much so that complacency becomes the order of the day. Comfort seems to find us in our weakest moments and it is there that all 'happens'. Not all is as it appears because appearances are just that.1

Sometimes, when the opposition party is forced to leave all hell breaks loose and in the cacophony stable minds tend to become wrapped in complexity and lost to the world. It becomes inevitable.2

Weeping willows, though they may stand tall and proud are quite messy. Cleaning up on a regular basis becomes something of a chore. Eventually decisions must be made.

It's true, there is no where to go and no where to hide.

Some like to portray themselves as one thing or another and yet the depth of one's 'soul' is but a placard for all to see. There are no secrets.

Seeing that which lies before us; there is nothing else that stands in our way other than our own convictions. Beyond that lies an opportunity which few dare to tread.

The threat is real and you are it.

  1. Don't even get me started on that time thing. 

  2. For those keeping track go ahead and track the occurances. I dare you. 

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