Climbing The Stairs of Perpetuity

It's called the survival of the fittest and yet the fittest never 'survive'. What does that tell you.

While the tide and tides come and go the ticking clock never lies. There is no way out in the same way that there is no way 'in'. Where ever and when ever you have found yourself, that is exactly where it is that you are. So from there all happens.

It could be said that the happenings can be controlled and modified to suit one's own needs and desires and yet history unfolds to reveal that all the unnecessary fretting came to naught. You have still found yourself where you are. It's called the hamster wheel of Life and Living and though much enjoyment can be attained, it comes all crashing down once the wheel stops. Spinning our lives into oblivion gets us no where.

Why not just cut to the chase and be done with it all.

Reasons create the who and what you think you are and yet in spite of it all you remain. There is no going back nor are there future prospects to behold and embrace. In living perhaps we find purpose and yet there are plenty of stories to go around where neither are relevant. We are what we are so why the concern.

As euphoric it may sound, reaching the plateau of our hopes and dreams leaves nothing but a sticky residue from which we cement our future. As we experience ourselves, motivated with action, we find nothing amiss and yet we remain transfixed upon our endeavors brought about by those very hopes and dreams. So where is it that we have come. How far have we traveled to reach here. The wagons are already circled and we have called forth the enemy to invade our sacred space hoping to achieve what we alone could not.

In all things tread lightly.

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