Portals of Imagination

Since we all know by now that time does not exist, portals of dimension can be addressed. Not really addressed but brought up for a lookie-see. Perception is like that, brought about by propagation of ideas and cemented in relationship into a so-called 'reality' which is of course simply a fixation examined.

Time never seems to stand still and yet in our thoughts it lingers as if suspended in animation unless and until we gaze upon it sufficient for an 'understanding' which inexplicably releases us from it's captivation. Thoughts can be quite the dangerous adversary but from whom are we running.

Traveling the universe, much can be gleaned and yet the loss is our own. We never come full circle and so where then have we traveled and yet to travel. If we understand that there is no movement from where does this seemingly impossible occurrence derive. If we are not what we think then what is it that we are.

In proposing so many contrary questions there is no further ado than to stop a moment before gathering one's belongings before the arriving bus headed to the next predetermined destination of our dreams. There really is no way out because if you are currently in something then good luck to you, you are officially 'stuck' in your own making.

There isn't a way out in the same way that there isn't a 'way in'. It's all the same so why the fuss.

It may be hard to believe but your thoughts give you away. I see them, so I see you. The chess board has no bearing.

It's true, I am asleep at the wheel.

But I also say to you, climb higher_.

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