Travelling Down the Road of Unrequited Love

It can seem lonely. It can seem that we are completely and utterly alone in our journey to god knows where. Why else do we relish the thought of a superiority that does not exist. In false pretense we become and in finding no way out we choose to take as many as possible with us. It's true, miser does love company.

In compelling our dreams to fruition the ends justify the means and in so placating false hopes and dreams we continue to slumber well in a night not very well suited to our nature. Yawning with desire we 'awake' to great the onslaught hoping the our dreams never fade away. It takes courage to sustain a lie. That and a whole love of energy devoted to sustaining the House of Cards.

We are what we are and as simple as that sounds the complexity drives us mad. It's not nice to allow the insane the reigns of power but we tend to do it anyway. Watching from afar we feel safe from our own ineptitude.

If only a dawn would grace our presence.1

  1. Said in retrospect. 

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