All Is Well In The Land Oz

Wanted to let you know that all is well in the Land of Oz. Nothing is amiss and balance is not something needed nor desired. When Man makes a move it’s as if mountains become moved and through the fragility of thought all becomes real.

It makes me laugh. Every time.

Have you ever wondered why all that is, is. There are no ‘accidents’, no ‘mistakes’ and certainty no ‘co-incidences’. It’s like the blind leading the blind all the while whipping it’s self for glorification. Yes, I am alive!

Sanity requires balance and these days it is best if you leave your shoes at the door before steeping over and through the threshold of something quite unimagined. Bound by conviction one becomes blind and then it happens, the blind leading the blind. As all the sheep take a flying leap off the cliff’s edge it is only in mid-flight that reality sets in. The rest, as they say, is history.

We see what we see. There is nothing else.

Free will be damned for in the making we _create. Full steam ahead!

If the fallacy of our own dreams is not evident then let it be so. Consequence is but one way of us catching up to our selves and providing the necessary impetus to get us off the couch of sorrow and awaken withing us that which stirs our being. It’s either a monster or a savior depending upon your needs.

It all comes down to you.1

  1. So why make it so. 

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