Glistening In The Twilight of Our Dreams

As we stand firm that which surrounds us becomes disassociated and in the ebb and flow of time ‘reality’ becomes convinced of it’s nature. It’s the old chicken or egg game. The first is the first and so cause comes to the fore. It doesn’t really mean a thing but it gets one to hang their hat on it and proclaim a heritage that clearly has no regard for truth. Even that is a slippery slope but we must have a ‘somewhere’ to start.

We can all see and yet few dare to do so. Looking beyond the presentation is best left to he fearless few who have a propensity for such. All the rest are simply characters added to the play in order to create a depth of interest. Yes, life is like that.

We can try to escape our proclivities but what is the point when we are so bound where ‘freedom’ becomes an enemy of the state. As we relish the thought of conviction we embrace our own servitude. There is more to life than meets the eye.

From here all eternity is laid bare. The problem it seems, is that here is something of a mystery.

If you don’t know where you are then surely you have no where to go.1

  1. I feel your pain. 

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