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In Time Escape Becomes Possible

There are lots of conflicting forces at play here at ground zero. I disagree with the ‘ground zero’ approach but who am I to argue. I am just a visiting outsider who should be ignored. Thank you. All eventualities have been accounted for…. 20 Dec 2022

Jiggy, Jaggy

Okay, the jig is up. Adjusting to this and that can be a seemingly endless task to endure. It can take forever and a day to come to terms with where it is that we have found our selves. Eventually, we all land and upon termination… 07 Nov 2022

Trampling The Evil Of Distress

Waiting and watching is not a sign of intent but rather of… indifference. Surprisingly hands off requires intervention, at least in this case. There are no avenues of escape so one must ask, what’s the point? This isn’t about a… 29 Oct 2022

Bits And Pieces

It seems as if we are fed bits and pieces along the way, ensuring and guiding us along some particular path of which we are completely ignorant. It’s a lie of course because we know what we know. There is no escaping our selves. Along the… 13 Sep 2022

Glistening In The Twilight of Our Dreams

As we stand firm that which surrounds us becomes disassociated and in the ebb and flow of time ‘reality’ becomes convinced of it’s nature. It’s the old chicken or egg game. The first is the first and so cause comes to the fore. It doesn’t… 08 Sep 2022

Thrashing The Night Away

In trying to escape from our thoughts the hamster wheel becomes but a blur upon the landscape. Over and over we tread the same path expecting different results. Eventually we ‘take a break’ only to return to the very same sorrows and pain. Is… 24 Aug 2022

Pick Me Coach

Oh the pressures and pleasures of life. As we make and bind our way down the road of experience the tendency is to seek out new life, new civilizations, to boldly go where no Man has gone before. In the thirst for escape nothing and no one will… 02 May 2020

Stop Staring At The Mirror

Escape, that final frontier into which we place everything at our disposal. What survives becomes pursued into submission. All must give way before us. Is this not the reason for our existence? Indeed it is and so with hearts afire we relish… 09 Jul 2004

I Am Not That I Am

Encircling ourselves with the fluff of life, looking out we see hazy shadows moving to and fro with purpose and intent. Moving, we stumble and fall over obstacles better left unseen. Stepping aside, we bump into others who also stumble and fall… 23 Apr 2003

There Can Be Only One

The moments of now in which we strive to escape, ever haunt our days and nights. There is nothing left but what we have envisioned for ourselves and in the seeking of rightness, we find the errors of our ways. Uncovering the secret, we keep the… 03 Dec 2001

There Is But One Time, One Place

I walk the Earth in search of my soul only to find what I am looking for. The searching becomes the task as all else drops away quickly and easily. Alone with the understanding of nature, evolution fullfills it’s purpose and drags me away,… 28 Nov 2001

Born of Ignorance

Born of ignorance, destitute and alone, we emerge into the world whole heartedly with the hopes of an enthusiastic future into which we place our entire existence. Unforgiven, we develop the mind into our weapon of self destruction only to find… 23 Sep 2001

Escape Is Not An Option

There are always turning points in our existence. They can range from a minor change in thought, to life changing experiences, but always they appear suddenly and without warning - or so it appears. Knowledge contains many components in which… 19 Jul 2001

Just Desserts

Walking the line of desire, which way will the wind blow this time? Where shall we fall upon landing within the abyss of time and space where the first and last thought merge into the being that others have called “Man”. Learning, one never… 07 Jul 2001

The Flame of Desire

From the fire into the pan. Jumping here and there we seek to escape only to find ourselves no further ahead than before. How many times have we undertaken specific, well thought out actions, only to find that the end result was exactly the… 21 Jun 2001

Reality Check

What is it about alternate experiences that draws us in? Do we look for relief from the current experiences we are fully immersed within and unable to escape from? Looking beyond our immediate sight, we seek and yet cannot find. Tentatively, we… 10 May 2001

Window Shopping

Walking through Life, we seek the immediacy of experience. When it comes to emotive stimulus, the time of now exists like no other. We want it and we want it bad. Seeking this, we are willing to create any effect, any effect at all, in order… 27 Jan 2001


Reaching toward the unknown, what stops you from achieving your splendor, other than yourself. Efforting is in the band of desire in which we all walk the walk of life. There is no escape from ourselves. The prison planet theory holds true in… 13 Sep 2000

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