There Is But One Time, One Place

I walk the Earth in search of my soul only to find what I am looking for. The searching becomes the task as all else drops away quickly and easily. Alone with the understanding of nature, evolution fullfills it's purpose and drags me away, kicking and screaming. Tormented and tired, the bleak inherit the Earth.

Escaping remains the hope that it is while freedom is ever within our grasp. Playing the games of children, we enthrall ourselves with innocent delight. Capturing our moment in the time stream, we overwhelm ourselves with ourselves.

All that we are, all that we are ever to become, has already passed us by. Stomping our feet in displeasure, we make ourselves known. Fighting against the current, we drown in ourselves, all the while calling our victory to those who idly pass us by. As curiosity spreads we become saved as we watch in horror the mirror of our actions.

There is but one time, one place, where we ride the balance of dreams.

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