The Test of Time

There was a time when peace was known throughout the land. Pain and suffering were not unheard of, but these sorts of experiences were something that were not actively sought or desired, but were looked upon as being the byproduct that they are.

Joyful experience by one and all were an every day occurrence and the seeking of fuller experience was embraced by those whose characteristics demonstrated the native talent that lurked within. Trust in another came in the form of giving and sharing.

This existence carried on for ages and as time vented it's wrath, nothing seemed to disturb the peace and tranquility of the land of Dreams, until one fateful day.

On that fateful day came the race known as the Quando, a reptilian species bent on devouring their prey in whatever form. The peace and trust of the peoples of that world became utterly destroyed overnight. Nothing of remembrance withstood the test of fate.

But on that day, something deep with the hearts of the inhabitants of that world came to be. A seed was planted whereby the desire for the tranquility and peace of infinite time could be shared with those in most of need. As the bodies fell, one by millions, the spirit of Life sought new ground and new days of joy among the brethren of the stars. Seeking the homes of other worlds, other places and other times, the people of trust came to reside with purpose and plan.

Over time, events unfold as they always do and it came to pass that for each milestone achieved, the universes would tremble in sheer delight. So strong in conviction were the long lost peoples of peace, nothing has ever withstood the test of their time.

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