The Free Zone Skirmish

I’ve heard that there is a ‘skirmish’ going on in the ‘Free Zone’. I wonder what brought that about? I also wonder who are the ‘do-gooders’ that are plastering their cases all over the Internet in the hopes that their cases will be resolved. Sometimes, it becomes very easy to see, based purely on noise alone, who exactly has the most to hide. This point is quite obvious when applied to the CoS, but it really becomes interesting when it is also applied to the ‘Free Zone’.

Just as a note: The ‘Free Zone’ is not the same thing as the Free Zone. In quotes, it refers to the so-called rulers of an imaginary kingdom and also to those who embody those so-called rulers. Without quotes, I am referring to Captain Bill Robertson’s purposes and intents of the Free Zone, which is where the Free Zone was first given life. If you are not familiar with those purposes and intents visit, they have quite a bit of information along those lines.

There are a number of enslavers and implanters on this planet. Depending upon one’s awareness level, your perception may reveal none, some, or all of them. Enslavers and implanters have their finger in numerous pies, from the ‘One World Order’ to the CoS , to the drugs on the streets. They are all tied together under the same uniting banner. The Free Zone is not some sacrosanct object that has been left alone in which ‘spiritual growth’ can occur. The ‘Free Zone’ is in very much the same shape of affairs that the CoS has been in where ‘spiritual growth’ is measured in pc count and the amount of change in one’s pocket as well as the amount of influence over others one can exert. Sad, but true.

There are very few Scientology auditors in the ‘Free Zone’, and finding them is not for the faint of heart. The reason for this is that when a person wants entertainment, they go see a show. Easy. But when they want something of true value, it becomes one’s life mission to fullfill. If an individual seeks shallow understanding, there are numerous auditors in the ‘Free Zone’ to help you with that, but for those who have a conviction that reaches to the core, finding an auditor is still just as easy, but one just needs to look.

One of the hallmarks of enslavers and implanters is that these creatures exhibit a glaring lack of creativity. Even though they come up short on creativity, they make up for it in another way - motion duplication. Duplicating others motions is almost like second nature to them. For enslavers and implanters it becomes much easier for them to steal other’s creativity, then it is to forge new ground, and that is the basis of their aberration. They have an inability to forge new ground. They seek to contain and restrict and in their doingness, they implant, subvert and ‘convince’ their opponents to join ‘their’ motion. Pretty funny, actually.

Enslavers are much different than implanters, and they each have their own unique characteristics. They each have their own responsibility lines as well. The ‘Enslavers’ came out of the creation of the ‘Implanters’. ‘To enslave’ is the implant given to those deemed ‘worthy’ by the implanters after which, they were sent along on their merry way, reporting back as necessary on both their own progress and the progress of the Implanters ultimate goal.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Did the enslavers come first or did the implanters come first. Some are confused about this, but don’t be. This circle of confusion is deliberate, who wouldn’t want their enemies to keep guessing.

Enslavers are the front men, the Implanters are the bosses. Follow the intent. In the spiritual realm, there is no money trail, but one’s intent is another matter entirely. The physical universe is a reflection of that intent and many times one can be tied to the other through it’s demonstration. But in order for intent to be visible, a cleared space must exist within oneself in order to gain the ability to see beyond one’s own purposes and plans, and Scientology auditing, when applied correctly, will reveal intents like there is no tomorrow. That is the basis for it being THE most dangerous ‘weapon’ in the universes. That is the reason why there is such a strong push to dominate it and control it.

But, you see, it cannot be dominated and it cannot be controlled. All that can be dominated and controlled are ALTERED versions of it. Altered versions inhibit clear intent and even though the processes of those alterations may give you cognitions and realizations, they will ALWAYS come up short. Besides coming up short, alterations also cause a dependency and when that dependency is threatened, the tribal war chiefs come out of their bushes and start shaking their sticks of illusionary might.

That is the ‘Free Zone’ skirmish.

Call it a new dance step.

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