The 'Force' Behind Free Zone America

There seems to be a bit of confusion about who really owns the Free Zone America web site. I am going to provide some data that will resolve this confusion quite easily and directly.

There is only ONE person who owns this site. There is only one person who administers and maintains this site. There is only one person who controls the content, layout and design of this site. This is only one person who is responsible for the creation of this site. That one person is myself. Paul Misiunas.

Now there has been some confusion introduced in the past that this site is associated with various groups and such, but this information has been fabricated in order to further a few individual's own purposes and plans. These purposes and plans have nothing, whatsoever to do with myself or this site.

Some of these same people have also orchestrated the belief that THEY control what I do or not do, with this site. It is simply fabricated data. Free Zone America is my creation and through that creation I have offered various reading material for those who have an interest in that sort of thing. What people or organizations do with THEIR OWN sites is of no interest to me whatsoever. Even though the opposite is not true, it IS true for me.

FZAOINT is a case in point. No only do they feel that my wishes for my own site should be controlled, but they have taken this to the extreme of duplicating the name of 'Free Zone America' and have made it clear that they will DUPLICATE my site in it's entirety. Ralph Hilton and FZAOINT have both tried to control my site and my actions through various means and ways. Rest assured, these people, who feel that they OWN the 'Free Zone' and have come to spread misinformation ABOUT the Free Zone, are NOT in control of myself or this site. Nor will they ever be.

Some people have become so upset about the lack of control that I exhibit, that they have made it clear that they will not be referring people to my site. If this is supposed to intimidate me, I find it quite humorous. The Free Zone is not about restrictions, methods or control. It is COMPLETELY about the opposite.

So the next time someone natters about who is in control of Free Zone America, you can tell them that no one is but me. Especially not Hilton's version of the 'Free Zone', nor FZAOINT's version of the 'Free Zone'. These types of people and organizations, who are out to impose their wishes, through direct control and/or subversion, are not seeking spiritual freedom at all. What they are seeking is control.

My site, Free Zone America, does not and will not further any agenda of control. I control this site and nothing further. For some people, this alone makes FZA and myself very, very dangerous. I do not engage in activities to solicit cash or products. I have no desire to form and lead organizations on some type of imagined crusade. I am not out to exert control over other web sites. I am merely being here and allowing possibilities to occur. Amazingly enough, they ARE occurring and people ARE going up, not the numerous false bridges which are being pushed as the real thing, but the ACTUAL bridge as originally set forth by L. Ron Hubbard. Through the techniques of Scientology, spiritual freedom does occur.

That's the bottom line, and no matter how hard some people try to destroy that spiritual freedom, they continue to fail, again and again.

Free Zone America is controlled by me. Just me. No one else. Anyone who thinks that they are up against some larger enemy is just barking up the wrong tree. Creating some imaginary organization or group in which to place the perception of a threat is ludicrous.

I don't know how to make this any clearer. Free Zone America is my site and no one else's. Why some people place such importance on creating the impression otherwise is beyond me.

Actually, it becomes quite obvious.

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