Me And The Capt'n

Captain Bill Robertson, was the first person to create a public awareness that the Free Zone existed, a fact which we all can be grateful for. CBR also created a number of works on his own that expanded and solidified the upper part of the Bridge. "Rights of a Thetan" is an excellent reflection of CBR's work. But there are certain aspects of his work that, like the 'official' party line, went off the deep end taking hook line and sinker with them.

One does not keep one's head above the water line by taking the bait. Scientology philosophy clearly is about opening doors of awareness and from that awareness developing a knowingness that will not and cannot just 'go away'. In other words, as we travel up the road of Life our knowingness ever increases. But if methods, procedures or any type of 'standard' anything, is followed or adhered to then of course, the knowingness that resides within us becomes ignored. After all, we DO have that choice. And it is this choice that so many upper level practicing Scientologists fall prey to, by design.

They just can't let go.

When we cannot 'let go' of our concepts and ideas then we become stuck in our own universe and so are fixated. When this happens we become fixated upon ourselves and are no different than an entry level student, knowing that there is something more but not knowing what.

It takes an OT to make an OT and it always will. The force of our thoughts, ideas and concepts entrap us and we remain firmly and most definitely 'stuck'. This is true from start to finish on the road to spiritual freedom. Unfortunately, these days it is a common practice to 'expand' the Bridge, 'create' new process and procedures and to 'research' our way out of the box. These are all false solutions to a problem that does not exist and therefore will never be solved. And so it becomes that the dilettantes of our day rule us and we all go no where all the while being entertained.

This is not the way of Scientology.

Scientology is not a social club, it is not a 'like-minded' gathering of lost souls, and it certainly is not a cookie cutter approach to one's spirituality. We, each and every one of us at this stage of the game, are unique and different. How is it ever possible to create an umbrella solution to the created problem of 'clearing the planet'?

It's a wrong solution, but robots love it, slaves admire it and the ruling class backs it. This should tell you all that you need to know - we are not going anywhere.

CBR, in his expansion of the Bridge, expanded the road. When we travel the Road to Freedom we do not EXPAND our journey, we CUT IT SHORT. If we do not realize our own inner knowingness, until such time as we are free of ourselves, we will surely continue our journey out into the jungle of hope.

The end point comes when we reach the end of our own counter-efforts. To the extent that the end of the road is denied to us is to the same extent that we fail to see just how far the rabbit hole goes. Unless and until we are fully and completely committed to spiritual freedom our efforts come to fruition as entertainment.

Here at Free Zone America, we do not entertain. We do not seek out like-minded individuals, nor do we encourage the security of Bank. In order to free ourselves from ourselves we must break the mold of who or what we think that we are. As no one can give us the answer it is up to each of us individually, to come to know of it and once we do, there lies the freedom that we have been looking for - looking for in all the wrong places.

Break the mold and let freedom loose upon the Land.

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