Crystalizing The Future

Picking up my crystal ball, I gaze into the cloud formation and see quite clearly that there is a storm coming. Is it THE storm, the final one which will bless and purify us or perhaps it is just another early warning alarm. We've heard plenty of those, that is for sure, and maybe that is the reason that there is a bit of expectation of more of the same. Expectation can be a killer, a torment for those not on the prowl, but here I am resurrected again and again as a testament to the frailty of such concepts. Must we all play head games?

As the economy collapses so too do morals, but since morals have already taken a nose dive what will stand in it's stead during the collapse? The Eagle has fallen and is not getting up any time soon. Survival skills are meaningless in this spiritual implosion of great necessity. Time is the one thing that will continue to elude us unless and until we resolve our own self-centered conflicts. No matter the demonstration of destruction, we are all ill-prepared for it's effects and so the best way out of the storm is to notice it.

When we notice the weather changing we always expect to be surrounded by it's powerful presence. We cannot predict it, control it or influence it in any way and so as we reap what we sow we take nothing to our grave. This is not to say that we are at the mercy of each and every breath of air as it blows across our destiny, we are most certainly not. But in our vainness we never see what there is to see, only looking for and at our selves.

Perhaps it is time for a change of the guard, especially since the old guard has given up the ghost. I've heard that the will to live is strong in some and deadly in others but it is of no consequence in this game of change. The appearance has caught up, and now clashes with, the reality. Which is real? If you do not know you will not make it and perhaps that is a good thing for if we die unto ourselves we rise anew.

From the ashes of the ages to the glory of the present, it was and remains, a wonderful time to live.

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