Me And The Filbert

Years ago, after going through Excalibur Revisited I knew that I had to meet this guy. To clarify, 'going through' meant that I spent very little time on processes and procedures as this had little interest for me. What really got my attention was all the other things contained in the book, and this is the motivation that brought me into face to face contact with Geoff - there was someone on this planet who was awake.

So my purpose of seeing Geoff was to get into communication with someone who was spiritually awake. This succeeded quite well and during one of my visits to him, while he was telling me something herbal related, he said: "I should be charging you for this." It was to be my last visit. I guess I should have gotten with the program earlier and realized that I was already done.

And so I am done.

Years later I created the web site to host Geoff's book. I do not host the book because of the material, as I have no use for it, I host it as a tribute to Filbert. He is a good man and his book is invaluable - to the right person. My affinity for directness resonates quite well with both Filbert and his work. But that is my story and no one else's.

One thing that really stands out about Filbert is that he is his own island. He does not gather flocks together nor does he succumb to obeisance. Some people hate that but those very same people hate Scientology anyway so it makes no difference. But for those who wish to be an island unto themselves, well then, that is a different story.

(Through clarification or additional information, there is more to the story, but this will have to do for now.)

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