The Life We Lead Is Not Our Own

Scurrying through life, where are the ever-lasting rewards which we so desperately seek through the use of the frivolous day-to-day activities we undertake to be of import. Therein lies the turmoil. The importance of activity reveals the activity for what it is - activity. Something in which we endeavor to occupy ourselves with while we search for meaningful answers to questions that we are not even aware of.

Life is too important to waste our efforts on that which we are not fully aware of. Activity, with such understanding, gains purpose and all seems right in the world about us. We are comforted by peaceful thoughts and our stability in the world becomes unshakeable. Eventually, we become what we then must prove - we are right. We know ourselves and of the order of things. We gain purposeful activity and demonstrate to others the correctness of our ways. We become rulers of existence. Or do we?

The game of domination provides us with the sensation of "power" in which we glorify ourselves and thereby demonstrate that the sensation-starved will continue their quest no matter what the odds are "against" them. Sensation is life and the separation of ourselves from life will cause the death of that which seeks that life.

The life we lead, can never be our own. It can only be driven by the sensation which provides the energy to further the "search". The method of "understanding" or of even "overcoming" life matters little when desire remains. Without that desire, life can be viewed as the dance of creation performed by God itself.

Desperation knows no bounds, but the God within us can never be denied. All of Eternity would still not be enough.

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