Electronic And Such, Warfare

Well, I see that a few 'peeps' are up in arms suddenly. I wonder what I could have possibly done to cause such an attention getter. Who, me?!

Just to let a few natives know:

I am not immune to electronic warfare, to suggestibility, to counter-intention and to any other method of one's madness. Immunity implies protection and I never protect myself, therefore I face each and every thing that comes my way. Each and every thing. That means that I do not shy away nor embrace effects. Most people have no idea what directness really means.

It is not force of will, it is something completely foreign, especially to those who think that they are in the driver's seat, whipping the slaves into frenetic activity.

Kids who play with toys never realize that those very same toys give them away. I know where you live, I know who you are and I know who you know. Just because I don't knock on your door doesn't mean that I don't know where you are - I do.

If you wish to stand in my way, you may make that choice but typically that choice is never your own, as you well know. If it is your wish to call me out in order to engage me, it is your problem to resolve, not mine. We are all marked for death sooner or later, but death comes only to those who fear it.

You have all heard the stories of things that go *bump* in the night. You are the night and I, the bump. Why is it that the blind cannot see and yet fear the dark. The answer is that there is no darkness.

Why do you give me your strength other than to beg for mercy?

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