Getting Caught In Our Own Web

The levels of Scientology can seemingly go on forever. Who, in their right mind, would ever desire such a thing? There are those who say that the Bridge is incomplete, that more 'research' needs to be done, that the Bridge is only a starting point.

I say, the Bridge can go on forever, that one can do 'research' to 'get out of this universe', that one CAN use the Bridge as a starting point. Anything is possible because we make it so.

We make it so.

For the life of me, I am amazed that so few so-called practitioners of Scientology get this very, very, simple point. Scientology is neither complex nor hard. Those who make it so are those who do not wish to 'make it'.

Well, no one makes it out of this universe alive anyway. No one.

You can't have your cake and eat it too. In other words, whatever you think that it all means, it does not. Whatever you conceptualize as being reality, is not. Whatever ideas you have about spiritual freedom, are completely false.

Fooling ourselves we fool no one.

Spiritual freedom is not creating just another idea of ourselves, but the fruition of coming face to face with who or what we really are. It can't be done with mind games and no one can give it to you. It's not something separate and apart from you where you have to go out and 'get' it. It and all else, is here, right now. But not everyone wants to see this though.

That is why there is a Bridge to Total Freedom. It is to give you something to do until you get there and when someone gets so involved in that 'doing' they become entrapped by it. That is when the idea of more 'research' comes about. That is when more 'levels', more 'processes' come about. It's just a created 'doingness' to avoid the as-isness.

In Scientology, when one removes those things which have blinded one there is a sense of relief, a realization, an AS-ISNESS of not-isness. When one searches for realization, for that sense of relief, it is just another created idea which, of course, will DENY one's self the spiritual freedom that is ultimately sought. When one chases experience, one does not AS-IS but merely accumulates MORE not-isness.

We are here to remove the blinders not add to them.

This is why the so-called practitioners of Scientology which are out there, roaming the planet, cannot and never will become spiritually free1, and since they are unable to free themselves, guess what that makes of those who come to them for help?

Don't become fooled or entrapped by just another idea - no matter has 'logical' it sounds. Scientology can get you started, but the rest is up to OTs and then that too can be done with.

Now there is something to think about.

  1. By their actions these so-called practitioners have sealed their fate. Until such time as this changes 'forever' remains. 

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