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Getting Caught In Our Own Web

The levels of Scientology can seemingly go on forever. Who, in their right mind, would ever desire such a thing? There are those who say that the Bridge is incomplete, that more ‘research’ needs to be done, that the Bridge is only a starting… 15 Apr 2005

Ill-Gotten Gains

Who killed CBR? How is it that the people who proclaim themselves ‘keepers’ of CBR’s writings use them for their own purposes? How is it that people like Ralph Hilton whose life’s purpose is to study, and try to make sense of, LRH’s technical… 14 Apr 2005

Me And The Capt'n

Captain Bill Robertson, was the first person to create a public awareness that the Free Zone existed, a fact which we all can be grateful for. CBR also created a number of works on his own that expanded and solidified the upper part of the… 12 Apr 2005

We Do Not Disparage

Nothing here at FZA is meant to persuade or convince anyone of anything so please do not overlay your own thoughts and ideas on top of what you find here. All should be taken at face value and in doing so, if one finds something of value, then… 12 Apr 2005

Passing Time

There are many ways to pass time. One could wander off the path through the jungle and go ‘native’, exploring all the back alleys and such. That would be one way. Another way could be to ‘explore’ one’s spirituality, just to see what one could… 05 May 2003

You Have To Want It

Beckoning, the end of the line stretches for all eternity. Just when you think that you are ‘there’, you look ahead and see still more. more road to travel, more mountains to climb, more adventures to be ‘overcome’. There is always17 Mar 2003

Hours In The Chair

I recently noticed the following extract, posted by Ralph Hilton to the Marcabian bulletin board called alt.clearing.technology: From: Ralph Hilton <ralph@fzint.org>Newsgroups: alt.clearing.technologySubject: Re: Ron on… 18 Nov 2002

Awaiting Your Arrival

It could be looked upon that in the entirety of existence there is the one and only path of true knowledge. All others would then be viewed as being subservient and therefore frivolous. Is there one and only one way to achieve spiritual freedom?… 28 Jun 2001

Boundless Joy

The object of any type of processing, from our point of view, is to resolve sticking issues only. Handling and resolving every single item that comes up is a waste of time and effort, not to mention that it effectively outpoints you into the… 19 Sep 2000

Organizational Chaos

Organizational chaos comes from the instability of its’ creators. Much in the same way as any creation; the creation reflects the creator’s intent and purposes. In light of this, where has the Scientology organization gone wrong, or has it? Mr…. 05 Sep 2000

In The Order Of Things

Games, debate, discussion, or whatever label is attached to a post requires that we demand a response. More correctly, it would require that a predetermined effect be expected as a result. Otherwise, there would be no communication. Most… 17 Mar 2000

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