We Do Not Disparage

Nothing here at FZA is meant to persuade or convince anyone of anything so please do not overlay your own thoughts and ideas on top of what you find here. All should be taken at face value and in doing so, if one finds something of value, then so be it. There is no effort underway here to disparage or make light of anyone doing anything. We are all free to do as we please and our own individual right of beingness is fully acknowledged and accounted for.

If one wishes to 'do the Bridge' twenty times so that one may have a greater certainty, then by all means, do so. You have the right to do that if you so choose. In that regard, we would ask the question: is certainty infinite in it's nature? How does one have a greater or lessor certainty on some subject matter, either one knows it or they do not.

We can play games with ourselves and pretend that we know something and yet our actions will always give us away. For those who play games, x times over equals certainty, is a nice role model to follow but we are not in the business of creating followers. If one does not have or gain certainty in a particular area, then something was missed and this conclusion should be openly and honestly arrived at.

In this sense, those who repeat a grade or level are much more 'real' or honest than those who continue their journey up the Bridge pretending that they have 'done it all', when it fact they have missed a great deal. Actions demonstrate certainty, or knowingness. We give ourselves away by our doing.

Spiritual freedom is not another game of pretension where the spiritual child can exclaim in their sandbox: "Look at me! I'm free!". At that stage the being is simply not yet ready to grow up. Scientology with it's goal of spiritual freedom is solely for the spiritual adolescent as these are the ones who have begun to look at themselves and to see that there must be something more to life than the sandbox at the playground.

As a result of the lack of adult supervision Scientology has now become overwhelmed and overruled by children. They are all going nowhere, but they are enjoying themselves immensely as they entertain themselves with their own pictures of experience.

We, on the other hand, have no such baggage to carry. The Freedom train requires that you leave yourself behind. As we grow in physical age we tend to leave behind the toys of our youth. We tend to leave behind the thoughts and ideas which are no longer appropriate for our current age. The missing item is that after leaving these behind, we create new ones to identity ourselves with.

These days going 'up the Bridge' is like a horse race with the prize going to best of breed. Spiritual freedom is not a race, it is a very individual and personal endeavor. In this honest endeavor there is a deep respect and humility. Status is reserved only for the 'me first' school children, eager to be rewarded for their cleverness, and has no place for the earnest student.

For those who use the means of spiritual freedom for their own selfish ends failure is not an option but inevitable. The idea of ruling the universe, of floating ashtrays or of using the mind to force others to do one's bidding is not only a demonstration of ignorance but it is also a wonderful way to ensure that the kids stay in the sandbox.

When we become trapped by our own design how do we free ourselves? We have already taken into account every possible escape route, escape possible means of action, every possible idea that we could possibly come up with. How do we free ourselves from ourselves when it is us who are on both sides of the equation?

The answer is to end it all. Children run in fright of it and adolescents don't even want to think of it, but to end it all means to face one's self fully and completely. Not to face one's thoughts, ideas and concepts as these are the obstacles to which auditing owes it's life, but to face our very nature.

It takes great courage to face one's self and if that means that we must create certainty in order to do so, then so be it. The important thing here is that we get past our own efforts of resistance to ourselves.

Who in their right mind would disparage that?

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