The Fate Of Clearing Technology

From out of the maelstrom, comes the blade that cuts and binds. From it's action, we see the results of experiences we so very much wish to own. Tempestuous times call for tempestuous memories, but in reality, neither exist.

Becoming an OT during one's travels along their bridge is more of a by-product than the actual result. What is occurring as one achieves levels of mastery is the gaining of ground in the quest for a spiritual existence. Ultimately, we all will arrive, but in the meantime, striving is the order of the day. Looking ever onward, we set our sights higher and with each bold new step, we come to realize the distance we have yet to go. Journeying across time, we strive for the perfection which we embody.

Scientology in it's true form sets one free to pursue the spiritual adventure in which we have already laid claim. Becoming the effect of our experiences, we yearn for something far greater than that which we have become and when we begin to realize that greatness, we come to see ourselves on a spiritual quest in which we have never languished.

Beyond the enemies of right or might, our true nature flows in abundance of delight. Dynamically restricting ourselves, we embrace our walls of constriction and live happily ever after until our spiritual growth demands much more than the self acceptance in which take pride.

Striving along a path of realization, we eventually find that we are not alone and the spirit of wonder lives ever so strongly in those we endow with the life we impart. What you find within yourself, you will find where ever you look. Uncovering our dreams, we come to realize that life is our dream and the games in which we happily take part, are nothing more than the sharing of merriment with our fellow selves.

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