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The Fear Factor

When members leave the ‘official’ organization one of the consequences of doing so is the instillment of fear. There is a palpable sense of fear which envelops the person and this makes itself known as, among other things, not wanting to be… 08 Aug 2005

Me And The Capt'n

Captain Bill Robertson, was the first person to create a public awareness that the Free Zone existed, a fact which we all can be grateful for. CBR also created a number of works on his own that expanded and solidified the upper part of the… 12 Apr 2005

The 'FreeZone' Roller Coaster Ride

After a tumultuous roller coaster ride through history, what else can a collection of ‘spiritual teammates’ do, but to foment a desire to just get off and take a rest. Well, the rest is here… 18 Apr 2003

There Is Only One Reality

I don’t consider myself to be an ‘OT’. I don’t consider myself as being in any type of ‘ascension’ state. You could say that I’m not even ‘clear’. I am none of those things because all of these ‘states’ of being define a concept as being… 04 Oct 2002

How Do You Tell an OT From a Non-OT?

There is a difference between those who claim to be an ‘Operating Thetan’ and the state of being OT. There is a world of difference and it doesn’t stop there. Being an ‘OT’ is not displaying your ‘hard-earned’ credentials and it is not… 30 Sep 2002

Lights In The Night Skies

There is a relay point in this system around which there is a constant hum of activity. Current events are making good use of this point and there is a fair amount of attention being directed toward the purpose of this relay point. Earth is… 12 Dec 2001

The Nobility of Being an Officer

After the Wall of Fire, there were a number of Officers who became disoriented, confused, bodiless and more importantly, introspective. It has come to be called The Sleep of Forgetfulness and there are a number of different reasons for the… 22 Nov 2001

The Fate Of Clearing Technology

From out of the maelstrom, comes the blade that cuts and binds. From it’s action, we see the results of experiences we so very much wish to own. Tempestuous times call for tempestuous memories, but in reality, neither exist. Becoming an OT… 10 Nov 2001

Born Again

When we live, we die. When we die, we live. The cycle repeats itself and when the horses stop, we dizzily step off the platform and look back and say, “Wow! That was fun!.” We find enjoyment in the experience an so seek another. Auditing is like… 10 May 2001

Operating Thetan, WHAT is it?

You’ve heard the expression “Being a thetan.”, but have you ever really had a visual on it? We can easily imagine ourselves as we are, is it just as easy to understand what we really are? What we really are can be described over and over in… 12 Jan 2001

Interest Lies Where The Heart Is

Supposedly, the “OT” levels are where a being learns to become more “cause” over matter, energy, time and space. To put it more simply, the spiritual being gets to do whatever the hell they feel like doing. How does this concept work in reality?… 20 Aug 1998

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