Interest Lies Where The Heart Is

Supposedly, the "OT" levels are where a being learns to become more "cause" over matter, energy, time and space. To put it more simply, the spiritual being gets to do whatever the hell they feel like doing. How does this concept work in reality? If every spiritual being could do whatever the hell they want, would that not lead to total chaos?

There is one particular element that resolves this issue. It is called "ethics". Again, supposedly, as the spiritual being rises up on the "bridge to freedom" they become more and more "ethical". This means that they will know what the "right" thing to do is, and that they will comply with this "correct" thinking. This is a very interesting concept and can be used to "rope in" and contain the sheep to a large degree and is used by many people who are in the "freedom" business.

Ethics and morals are unique to many specific local customs, and when used in the same breath while selling "spiritual freedom", it becomes someone else's idea of "right and wrong".

"You can obtain total freedom, but only if you are an ethical being."

In other words, if you do what we tell you to do, you will be free. If you take our reality and make it your own, you will not only be "free", but you will be "ethical". You will be one of "us" - the Borg.

Don't get me wrong. Spiritual freedom is a fantastic goal, the trouble comes when those who "sell" this freedom never seem to "let go". The path to freedom suddenly becomes never ending, while those who sell it most likely have never even travelled that path. Why else do these kinds of people do whatever they can to ensure their grip of the paying public, by providing a path that just never seems to end?

"What is true for you, is true for you" is a nice concept, but in actual fact, in some circles that truth is taught on the condition of the acceptance of the "local customs". It no longer becomes your truth, it becomes "their" truth. "What is true for you, is what we say is true" is a more accurate statement.

As a immortal being, ethics and morals are only subscribed to in order to provide a common area in which actions can take place. In other words, ethics and morals and the game rules with which a game is played. When a player "breaks" these rules, they are then considered "unethical" - a non-player. When that happens, it is a sight to see. The number of beings that will go out of their way in order to set you "right" is simply amazing. A "rule breaker" is dealt with very harshly and all sorts of ingenious devices are used to ensure that all the players abide by the agreed upon "rules".

I bet that you didn't know what you were getting in to.

More correctly, each player completely "forgot" any prior rules and/or assumptions about game playing, and picked up the current rule book and dove right in. For those that did not agree to these rules, exclusion became standard practice. Sometimes, you will run across these types of beings and in all likelihood, you will, for some reason, "avoid" them. Doesn't it make you wonder?

Sometimes, breaking the rules creates some interesting effects and usually upsets much more than just the apple-cart. If you really want to have fun, break a rule and see what happens, but don't blame me when you wind up in a jail, wondering why you did what you did.

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