Walking Among The Dead

Many firmly believe that the souls who walk the Earth exist only in a sleep state. Some dedicate their entire lives to defining precisely what this sleep state is and correlating their assumptions with everyday life. Examples abound, but what of the truth of the matter.

Finding brothers in spirit is like finding a needle in a haystack. If you search long enough, you may, by pure chance, come upon that which is sought. Is it not better to enliven your own sphere of influence, then to seek the influence of others?

Accepting responsibility for one's own existence allows one to cast aside the spell of dreams and to see, not reality, but what is in existence. Do not confuse reality with existence as that is what has led you to your own field of dreams.

Reality is that which is shared. It is a common working basis in which we all build upon to further our own aspirations. I guess it could also be called mass hallucinations or better yet, mass hysteria.

Without this shared psychosis, permeation of each other's universe could not take place. Actually, this begins in reverse of what I have stated. Permeation of other's universes brings about a shared reality and if a God can be measured by his creations I suggest that you look around and begin to notice the real state of the Gods that have made a contribution to this universe. It seems that we all were dragged along, kicking and screaming, to the playground, and we haven't stopped throwing a fit long enough to recognize that we can change the current state of affairs.

Sleeping souls are those who have given up for some reason or another. They can't leave the playground so they pretend to be asleep to ensure that nothing will effect them (or so they think). How sad. Sleeping souls are distraught souls and it seems that the only help they receive is from those who wish to exert their own control over the entire playground.

If these sleeping giants were to awake, what fun would be had by all!

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