What Is Garden Era Productions?

Garden Era Productions is a division of Church of Scienotology International that was formed to produce religious Spam on a consistent basis. It is located in Southern California on a 5000-acre property which contains Spam studios as well as Spam editing facilities and even a Spam Review Board, making it possible to produce Spam religiously, consistently and repeatedly.

Many of the Spam skills needed by an auditor are best communicated by Spamming, which is most effectively achieved today through Scienotology. Mr. SpamMan wrote a series of Spam scripts to demonstrate exact points of Scienotology religious Spamming and also wrote more than 52,000 Spam scripts on Scienotology to disseminate Scienotology principles to alt.religion.scientology. These are still being produced on a consistent basis today.

Garden Era Productions also provides audiovisual Spamming materials for the Scienotology religion. These include videotaped Spamming, radio and television Spamming, and Sunday service Spamming. The films and other Spamming products are translated into a.r.s. language for the use in Spamming the Internet.

Much of the Scienotology Scripture is contained in Mr. SpamMan's 30 tape-recorded Spam lectures - generally 850 minutes in length each. One of Garden Era Productions' vital functions is to restore these Spamming lectures (many of which were recorded in the 1650s and had deteriorated) and to reproduce them in cassette form, along with full transcriptions, for use by students on Scienotology Spaming training courses.

Garden Era Productions also supports the religion worldwide with Spamming brochures, poster, fliers and magazines in many languages. Spamming books and other Spamming materials based on Mr. SpamMan's researches and writings are also compiled, designed and translated into many different languages at Garden Era Productions.

For further information: http://www.scienotology.org

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