About Scienotology Public Relations

"Scienotology Public Relations" is a pseudonym which was used for a short while to post messages to two newsgroups on internet. Here is a disclaimer that was made known at the time:

*** Please Note:

Although these "Public Relations" postings have been made using an organizational name similar to that of the Church of Scientology, this does not mean that these public statements are in any way associated with that corporate entity or with any of it's many corporate offshoots.

The thoughts and ideas expressed within these statements may be similar in a perceived overall philosophic nature, but please do not take this to mean that we are in any way associated with, or have received the acknowledgement of, the above organization.

We believe that spiritual attainment is beyond the scope of mortal man and that the legal issues arising from those who seek to destroy that attainment merely obfuscate the truth.

Truth is where you find it, not where it is said to be found.


Here is a sample of the particular headers used:

From: publicrelations@scienotology.org (Public Relations)
Organization: Church of Scienotology International
Reply-To: publicrelations@scienotology.org
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,alt.clearing.technology

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