Through The Eye of Newt

Perception is an interesting phenomenon where views can come and go altering itself into strange beasts along the way. Through the placement of attention perception becomes defined thereby altering our being. We see all that we see - at least for the moment and when our actions dictate alteration who is it that notices once the change is complete? When one becomes then one is.

Through the stability of rigidity definition coalesces in the universe we call home - and such a grand home it is! Through our belongings we can trace back ownership and behold the grandness of being. There at the core lies the truth of our essence. There is no other but through tried and true methods of madness the concoction of our so-called nature becomes defined and definable. Pointing the way we look and see and say "Yes! - That is Johnny!"

Placing one's attention here and there we spread the good word about ourselves. A little here, a little there and before you know it we become spread out all across time and space leaving breadcrumbs for the hungry of experience. In the effort of 'finding' our way back we hang on to the thread of so-called knowledge that through the tracing of our steps we can regain that which we have lost. What folly!

We are what we are and though we can pile on idea after idea upon our being the core remains steadfast, unmoving and unwavering in it's place at the middle of the Ring of Fire. As attention flows so too do we. But where is it exactly that we are 'flowing' to? Where is it that we are headed? And who is it that is doing the creation two-step in the first place?

As the attention wanders it can be likened to the throwing of a bone to the attentive dog. Run doggie, run! Sooner or later is it ourselves that will 'wisen' up or will the dog just retire, expended through effort. It must surely be obvious by now that the dog will never ever retire as our perpetual motion machine is indeed perpetual. The result can be none other than wisdom coming to the conscious mind that it itself is the loser in this game of chance, of blame, shame and regret. As the hamster furiously treads the wheel we spin and spin shouting with glee - "I'm alive!"

Conjuring up experience after experience we seek and gain the knowledge we have already left behind. Retracing the steps of ignorance we can only come to find the our own ignorance if nothing but a play of words. All we all know words having meaning and therefore our feet shall surely find firm and fertile ground in which to plant this years crop of delectable delights. It's all about the future baby!

Fixating, we become attached and through this attachment we leave behind the means of recognition. Of what use is awareness when our mind is already made up?

Indeed, of what use is anything when our mind captivates our attention, when we pour huge amounts of attention - to the exclusion of all else, upon the fires of thought, word and deed. Experience is the magic spell unleashed through the combination of prescribed ingredients combined in just the right manner and proportions. Out of it all we gain the pleasure of experiencing ourselves to the fullest - the depth and breath of which leaves us astounded and enchanted. As we embrace the feeling of being mesmerized by our own greatness our enjoyment grows... until at long last we decide that enough is much more than enough and as the moon cycles through it's phases we move on to another phase ourselves. It is called the life-cycle of beingness.

The universe is not just something beyond imagination - it is something well beyond what we can even imagine. As the mind is limitation in action our core of being is way beyond knowledge, insight or even flights of fancy.

But one can try all sorts of gimmicky potions to bring the imagination to fruition and yet the fullness of completion will still be beyond reach. Snake-oil is for the snake-oil buying crowd as no one else would dare touch it. Since there is something for everyone why make it so? Why bother to fixate the attention when you yourself are unfixed and unmoved? Must the knowledge of one's own existence be consciously known before one is?

That would be like saying that unless you can see yourself in the mirror you do not exist.

And it is true.

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