Peeky-Peeky, I See You

In the deafness of the hour what is it that shall remain? What is it that remains alone and aloof in the darkness called conscious awareness? To be aware is to be and in remaining so fixated upon the destiny we humbly call ourselves Movement remains. Unfixed, unmoved and in the expression we call 'me' who is it that calls our name in the quiet of night? Who is it that whispers in the ear of attention in order to sway thought this way and that? What is it that motivates the motivator to action in the world of Man?

We are never alone and yet in the face of the darkness we call home the echoes of our sobbing provides the company we solemnly keep. Are we really so alone? Are we really so separate and apart that we can honestly say that we have become caught in the web of our own deceit expressing itself fully and completely in the land of pain and sorrow? Of course we find that in the looking our eyes reflect the movement of our being. But I wonder - just how many movements does the composer have in mind. In the kaleidoscopic awe of life and living how are we ever able to come to terms with that which cannot be comprehended much less even talked about?

In movement we find the happiness we seek but what happens when there is no movement, no push to discover that which we already know. To know is to understand but how can this be when the shadows walk upon the lands of life and living while we ourselves ever remain the vagabond calling home the place where we just happen to find ourselves. If seeing is believing than what of knowing? Can one know the ignorance of which we seek?

Perplexing as it may be we do indeed understand the ignorance of our bonds as we are the ones to have placed them upon us in the first place. Facing the mirror we wave and nod at the attention given. Full-filling ourselves we becomes complete.

And that is the purpose of life and living. One cannot become whole without fracturing ourselves all over the universe and undertaking the journey of self-discovery, of resolving our game of hide and seek.

Peeky-peeky I see you.

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