Wiling Away The Hours

There is always news of some sort to make the headlines1. There is always some play being acted out on the public stage strictly for public consumption. “It is all for the common good.” “One needs to know these sort of things.” “Being informed is every citizens duty.” The propaganda is continuous and ever refreshed with new dress but behind the curtain the wizard pulls all sorts of levers and gizmos in order to watch the dance - the dance of conviction and betrayal.

Puppets do serve the Master well and can do nothing in response to their own true nature. In so betraying one’s own nature the puppet becomes real and the belief of aliveness takes over. Dancing according to the strings pulled one makes all sorts of gestures portrayed in action gleefully exclaiming one’s own willful nature. “My, the news seems to be working particularly well today.”

Finding solace in the dark alleyways purposefully left open redemption is but another throw of the chicken bones in order to read the news today. The pens are up and the cattle have no where else to go but where directed. How can one possibly bite the hand that feeds us when all that we see is the leading cow’s rear end - a sight that through repetition we have come to call home. “There is always hope.”

As we play Capture the Flag we come to know of organizational structure and the properties of those who inhabit the realms. In earnest we seek and in earnest we play to win. At the end of the day when all that we have left is but a coffin and some few possessions laid to rest deep underground for all time shall we then claim victory? Mortal man knows of no such deeds so who is it that will show us the praise so richly deserved?

As Man searches for fulfillment all that will be found is an empty hand, where all the goods of life and living have seeped away leaving us nothing but our own thoughts on the matter. Surely there must be better news than this? Surely there must be something better than the nothing which has been remade into a something best avoided at all costs. Yes, it does cost does it not?

There is the medical business where healing is a byproduct of commerce. There is government where protection of the citizenry is a byproduct of domination. There is news where truth is the byproduct of propaganda.

The funny thing about truth is that it is inherent. All the world’s charms can do no good to one who understands the truth of one’s own nature.

But temptation requires us to proceed with a contrary conviction and so we have all the news that’s fit to print.

The universe was not created just for you.

I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you that.

  1. Headlines: whatever the delivery method being currently brought into play. This is not about the specific story being told but about the method of delivery being used in the same way. 

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