The Role of Scientology

As of late I am laying to rest a few perceived viewpoints regarding my own foray into the universe called Scientology. This is another.

The religion and philosophy of Scientology is a true and correct religion and philosophy with demonstrable outcomes. It does produce a more balanced and integrated spiritual being.

But not in the way you may think.

There are several ways to deal with a being's urge to restore it's own well being - in other words to give up acquired ideas and decisions about one thing or another which eventually run contrary to it's own natural tendencies. Of these ways there is the 'make more of it' method and it goes like this; When a spiritual being desires a new way of looking at things and in order to break free of it's acquired proclivities, those limiting factors which prohibit it's reorientation are embraced even further. This causes the being even greater discomfort and in so coming to terms with that increase it cannot avoid the greater attention given to it. This attention creates an investigation into it's own predicament and through the force of it's own discomfort it dis-creates it's cause. But increasing the discomfort the breaking point becomes unavoidable spurring the creation of new perspectives which do not have as a particular the old paradigm.

Please be sure to note that this is but one route to breaking past practices and is contrary to willful reorientation based upon perceptual awareness. Typically this route requires one to have an underlying understanding of one's own inherent nature which of course runs contrary to accumulated proclivities.

The Scientology religion and philosophy and especially the reverence for the god-like status of L. Ron Hubbard provide the means to 'make more of it', to increase spiritual discomfort while also providing a false sense of the ever popular and fashionable promise of 'spiritual freedom'. In the land of Scientology there is no lack of promise for a future freedom which of course can only occur while one is continuously bound. In Scientology the cognition or recognition of awareness becomes the showpiece demonstrating that one is on the road of spiritual enlightenment. One can follow bread crumbs in perpetuity and yet still never reach the source.

Do you see the promise of increasing spiritual discomfort? While the attention is on a temporary revelation from auditing session to auditing session the goal is always just down the road. Always the end result is just out of reach with the promise of it's acquisition being the motivation to try harder. For how long can one try harder? For how long can one pay huge sums of money to those who promise something which they themselves not only lack but simply cannot comprehend?

As the discomfort grows either one embraces their discomfort and reinvents it as something worthwhile or it becomes rejected completely. When it is embraced even further then the being simply hasn't had enough discomfort yet - either in duration or intensity. But eventually, the same end point is reached. Enough is enough. It is at that point the being creates a paradigm shift and reorganizes it's tendencies and potentialities into something much different.

Sooner or later even that methodology changes.

There are many positive points in the world of Hubbard's Scientology just as there are many positive points in other religions as well. It is to this positivity that my reflection upon that universe has been bound. I have absolutely no interest in most of that universe just the same as other universes but I do have an interest in those who are ready to open their eyes and see. Just because I have presented myself through the subject of Scientology does not mean it is my route as it is not. This is why I hold no mis-emotion about the organization, the religion or the philosophy of Scientology. But when it comes to that which lies beyond mental acuity the story unfolds much differently.

Happy trails!

And may life be all that you wish for - and more. ( That is like saying make more of it to your heart's content and then have even more whereby your living proclivity will become shattered with the impossibility of it ever being restored. Now that is freedom! )

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