Hubbard and The Flying Dutchmen

For a number of years I watched as those who came out of the business end of Scientology looked back and pinned the blame on Hubbard. Hubbard this, Hubbard that - it was all the liar's fault and even now as he lay happy as a clam in his grave his accusers amazingly enough continue to gain traction1. Even though that limelight is now shared with Hubbard's pet the basis remains. It's someone else's fault. They are the cause of all Mankind's problems. As the mantra is chanted in unison "You! You! You!" it becomes quite obvious it's all about "Me! Me! Me!". Some people just never learn and perhaps that is the point.

Breaking free from one's own egotistical chains is not an easy thing to do in the exact same way that creating those chains of horror is a painful and difficult thing to do. But people do these sorts of things and some of them go so far as to do them repeatedly meaning that they never fully finished the first time around.

There is that phrase, 'time around'. What is it going to be, first, second, third, one hundredth? Perhaps a million will do? More, you say? Sure why not. Make the rounds as plentiful as you wish. Why it could even be never ending!

Yes, never ending.

Spiritual freedom is a wonderful idea which captures the imagination. Used as a bargaining chip it becomes about business, about the details of give and take and set in the stone of a paper contract duly anointed with one's mark. This is very, very serious stuff and you must perform accordingly!

Where there is gain to have and to hold one easily falls sway to any and all influence which interacts with that. It becomes personal. Me! Me! Me!

The philosophy of Scientology is quite valid as a route to rising to the occasion of one's glory. So too are a number of other philosophies and religions along with the standard fare of cave dwelling. There is a point to all of these, a point which encourages the awareness of consciousness in those who are interested in that sort of thing. Most humans are not even though they may dabble - testing the waters for the greater good of Me! Me! Me!.

As a promoted demigod Hubbard is the point man. It all becomes about Him. It's like the stage magician2 doing something openly and interesting with the one hand while with the other sleight of hand takes place. You just never know what you will wind up with. But the business of Scientology does know.

Being drawn into the illusion and then being forcefully kicked into the gutter is quite a shock - especially when one has become so enamored of the illusion that the entirety of one's outlook is centered upon it. Crashing down, the House of Cards lies in ruins. Someone must account for this horrible tragedy and so we find the appropriate whipping boy and do the deed. Unfortunately, to break our own bonds of entrapment, what is required of us is responsibility and lo and behold we shuck it completely out the window in order to pass the judgment of conviction.

"Let it go Luke."

Scientology has such an interesting hold upon those who come into contact with it. With promises of glory one takes the illusion and runs with it. In order for this to happen one willingly makes the choice. This is an important point. No one can make you do that which you do not wish to do. It's all you baby!

It's called responsibility for one's own actions, thoughts and awareness.

Playing the blame and shame game is just another ruse to "Look! Over there! It's Elvis!". When we live and die by our own illusions getting caught up in another's can be even more embarrassing. Being out-done is not something which is taken lightly in this game of life and living - especially when we are left holding the bag.

It can appear to be the easy way out to blame something else for all our cares and woes but it is not. Placing blame is the outcome of unfulfilled desire. Think about that. And keep in mind that desire is the bedrock of illusion.

Was Hubbard a liar, a cheat and thief? When we can't figure out the illusion perhaps it is the magician's fault.3

And for those who have figured out the illusion there is no blame, shame nor regret to be had. There is understanding.

What better illusion can there be to have and to hold forever and forever than the blindness of our own sight, of the diminishment of our own awareness, of the refutation of consciousness to which we owe our existence.

As to Hubbard and his circus act, it's a bit interesting - but I've seen better.4

  1. This has been slightly sidelined since Hubbard no longer has a physical form but since his stand-in does attention also goes there which is kind of funny since the church uses Hubbard as a demigod which just circles it all around and around. 

  2. Geoffrey Filbert once told me that auditing is like one magician tricking another into seeing something. Perhaps the full implication of this can be understood. 

  3. Hubbard and his merry men are not the first and only ones to have used illusion to trick the weak of mind into doing all sorts of things, all in the name of the 'greater good'. History both past and present are rife with such cultic examples. (Weak of mind is another way of saying caught up in one's own illusions.) 

  4. 'Better' as in the effects of which can be plainly seen even today. Just think of the mindset of Scientology and of something similar occurring way back when and being carried forward in time to today and of how people would act and respond to such things as... terrorism! - the implication of which I consider a tad bit more interesting. 

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