The Quick And The Dead

After an eight month hiatus I am bringing the website back online today. It seems that there are a number of points being raised by the Universe to do so - so here it is. There are not very many new items that were added in that time but I have tweaked the format. In my quest of ever reducing the superfluous I have eliminated the navigational categories. Now there are but five navigational links which are found at the bottom of each page. These are:

The structure of the overall website is date based meaning that the newest article is always found on the main or 'home' page. Each article has a 'previous' and 'next' navigational link at the end of the article and of course the "Site Map" page can be used to get an overall view.

I dislike webpage clutter and in this time of internet commercialization where there is a very real fight for both your time and attention as well as the Federal Reserve Notes in your pocket I am presenting this website in a clear and focused manner. What you read here may or may not make sense, it may lead you to think differently or it even may give you a glimpse of what lies beyond the intellect (if you believe such is possible to begin with of course). In any case this website is not here to induce you into doing anything other than to look at your own perception and to see. I acknowledge that this is not for everyone as many humans have become so enamored of their existence that contemplating anything else is considered but sheer folly. That is fine with me in just the same way that there may be a few others that get something completely different from it. I am not out to change the Universe - far from it. But I do tend to bring a Balancing Effect.

I am not quite sure yet as to whether there will be some sort of a Guest Book or something of that nature where visitors may provide feedback. If this happens the purpose would not be to encourage discussion or to provide a mechanism of conviction1 but to leave a way for a visitor to complete a desired communication. Sometimes it helps to complete a cycle of action and for those, this could be helpful. It would of course be moderated.

If you have visited here before and have returned - welcome. I know it can be strange to have a website come and go as much as I but please realize that it is not up to me. In order for balance to be brought one can only be a part of that side of the equation which requires resolution. Sometimes this requires jumping from one side to the other but in either and all cases there can be no conviction1.

If you have never visited before then I bid you greetings. I suppose I could say that this website reflects my own vanity in presenting what I write but I assure you that I am not attached to them. I write what I write because that is what is being written. To provide purpose and plan to them, for me, would be ludicrous. So please take what you will and let your own nature be your guide. This is part of the reason that the above mentioned Guest Book would not come about, I have no need for positive nor negative feedback. But I do consider inquiry to be a valid method of understanding one's self. That is why the content on this website pales in comparison to live interchange. That is where the real magic happens.

May the force be with you.

Additional Note

For some reason I still have the domain name. Lately I have been going through the many years worth of data related to that website as well as other websites that I had created, organizing and reducing the 'clutter'. The plan is to put a number of items up on the website in an archive capacity. This would include web page samples, forums, documents and everything else that I can extract from the accumulated data. This would serve two functions. One is to help me in the organization process and the other is to make the data available in case someone might, for some reason or another, want it. I suppose this could be looked at as me cleaning house with the eventual goal of dumping it all into the trash bin and letting those who wish, rifle through it before the trash-man takes it all away never to be seen or heard from again. One man's trash is another man's treasure - but this data!? Perhaps.

  1. conviction: a firmly held belief[^2] or opinion; the quality of showing that one is firmly convinced of what one believes or says.
    It's not about beliefs nor opinions. Note this definition of belief and of how it has to do with the mental construct:  

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