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Cracking The Egg

Times passes and in the space of between all becomes not just clear but razor sharp.The world view may appear as one thing or another but in definition the results of our past becomes not just known, but clearly represented and… 08 Sep 2021

Are We There yet?

Ultimately the fall of Man becomes the fall of that part of ourselves which delves into the mucky and murky depths of an unknown past which of course belies the fact that our existence entirely depends upon our birthright. From whence do we… 23 Jun 2015

Keeping The Nose Clean

There are some things which are not of my concern. It’s not because of dis-interest it’s more of recognizing that whatever the specific topic is, is not something with which I should be involved with. There are some things which I do take… 04 Sep 2013


Sometimes the broom comes out and things get swept from here to there. In the motion all sorts of other things also become lodged, dislodged and shuffled about. Like a dusty floor one can watch the fine particles float hither and… 21 Aug 2013

Motionless Movement

In effort we lose grace. Just a few words to the wise… 19 Aug 2013

Break Dancing (Part II)

For those who have embarked upon the journey of being the last one out in order to turn off the lights, the desire for job satisfaction runs through the roof. Not to be the one who turns off the lights but to be the one who carries forward… 01 Feb 2012

Connection Problems

How does one establish the understanding that the attention has been dropped-kicked into the suck zone? Can one really take in the perception of there being something wrong in the state of Denmark when we submerse ourselves in that very same… 21 Jan 2012

In the Embrace of Man

The days of interlude have come and gone and in this termination we find that the undercurrent of withheld expression is coming to the fore with a force to be reckoned with. It is not a force of consequence nor regret but of a coming to terms… 06 Jan 2012

Peeky-Peeky, I See You

In the deafness of the hour what is it that shall remain? What is it that remains alone and aloof in the darkness called conscious awareness? To be aware is to be and in remaining so fixated upon the destiny we humbly call ourselves Movement… 06 Sep 2011

All That It Touches, It Moves Deeply

Beyond the furthest reaches of the bonds of our bounds, there lies the vast territory unexplored and unexplorable. Remaining as it ever has been, it continues to ‘float’ in time awaiting those who may fall out of the mist. Everlasting patience… 04 Dec 2001

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