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You Are Not You1

This is a very interesting extract:

"The entity which is superior in the mind is called the theta being or THETAN. The thetan is the true "I" of the individual. It is the being which would be in command of the mind of an individual who had become completely self-determined. The thetan, however, is not in command even most of the time for most people."

- Transcript of the lecture "Entities", by L. Ron Hubbard


"I", as defined by Mr. Hubbard, is the individual who has become self-determined. What would that "I" be called before it decided to be "self-determined"?

Compute This!

"We are dealing with a calculator which runs entirely on the principle that it must be right and must find out why if it isn’t right. Its code might be stated as, "And I pledge myself to be right first, last and always and to be nothing but right and never to be, under any circumstances, wrong."

Now this is what you would expect of an organ dedicated to computing a life and death matter like survival. If you or I were building a calculator, we’d build one that would always give correct answers. Now, if the calculator we built was also itself, a personality, it would maintain that it was right as well.

Having observed this computer in its optimum state as the basic personality, the con-clusion was very far from a mere postulate. And so we call this computer the "analytical mind". We could sub-divide things further and get complicated by saying that there is an "I" as well as a computer, but this leads off in another direction. And so the "analytical mind" or the "analyzer" is a computer and the "I" for our purposes. All we want is a good workable solution."

- Dianetics, The Evolution of a Science, by L. Ron Hubbard


"ANALYTICAL MIND: That mind which computes -- the "I" and his consciousness."


!- Dianetics, The Modern Science Of Mental Health, by L. Ron Hubbard~

According to the religion of Scientology, you are your mind. Not your Reactive Mind, but your Analytical Mind. That is why Mr. Hubbard calls you an "awareness of awareness unit". This unit is what we are. A computer, and as a computer we are instructed to put forth enormous effort to get things "in order".

After all, that is our function as a Unit. To restore order, which Mr. Hubbard equates to sanity, in the recesses of our data banks. Everything in it's place, and a place for everything.

There is no spirituality in this religion. It is all Mind.

Are you your mind?

As a Scientologist, are you running a program which requires "input", which can only be fulfilled by the Church of Scientology, Inc.?

You are not a mind, you are not a thetan, you are not an awareness of awareness unit. Ruling out what you are not,the obvious remains.

If that fails, starting "processing" your computer and see who is doing the processing. Look at your computer as an awareness of awareness unit and program it to do things so that it can reach a higher state of "awareness". The only way for a computer to be more "aware" is to program in what it is that you wish for it to be "aware" of.

That is what the Church of Scientology, Inc. was created to do. To program the "unit" with the data that it needs to be "aware" of and then to "process" that data so the "unit" will become "aware" of it and be able to access and use the new-found "knowledge".

You are not a computer.

Here is more proof that the Scientology "religion" believes that you are your Analytical Mind.

"As far as the analytical mind is concerned, that's slightly a misnomer, because it isn't analytical. It knows. And you don't know because you are analytical. But by analytical we departed a little bit in words, and we meant conscious. You know, more conscious. Well this is the self determined mind of the individual, versus the stimulus response determined mind of the individual. What are these two minds? One is the guy and the other is the machinery."


This could be "anything that a thetan set up, which collected data and used it to resolve problems." The basic purpose of the "mind" is "the resolution of problems relating to survival. Now if a thetan does this, you could say he is a mind.... An analytical mind cannot exist independent of a thetan." Man has been so caved in, on the subject of the reactive mind, which he knew not wot of, of which he was not aware, that he now discredits the whole idea of a mind. He says, "I'll just do it all myself.""

- Transcript of the lecture "Scientology Definitions", by L. Ron Hubbard

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