"Let us now address the heart. By deep hypnosis or drugs we take a patient into amnesia trance, a state of being wherein the "I" is not in control but the operator is the "I" (and that's all there is, really, to the function of hypnosis: the transfer of analytical power through the law of affinity from subject to operator, a thing which had a racial development and survival value in animals which ran in packs).

A caution should be observed that a patient who has a very sound heart and no heart-trouble history be chosen for this experiment, which, even above any other hypnotic experiment, can make a patient very ill if he has a heart history. And none of these hypnotic tests should be performed until one has finished this book and knows how to get rid of the suggestions; for hypnosis, as practiced, is strictly live fuse stuff and the hypnotist who is unacquainted with dianetics has no more idea how to get rid of a suggestion he has made than he has of how to peel an atom. He has thought he had the answer, but dianetics has treated many, many former hypnotic subjects who were thoroughly, as the engineers interested in dianetics say, "loused-up." This is no criticism of hypnosis or hypnotists, who are often very able people, but it is a comment that there is more to be known about it."

According to Public Relations for the Church of Scinetology, Inc : "The tech in Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health is also FULLY in use in and of itself and is also available."

Drop in for a bit of hypnotic experimentation.

"Hypnotism is a laboratory tool. It is not used to any extent in dianetic therapy, but it has served as a means of examining minds and getting their reactions."

Not used, but used in experimentation. This guy LOVED hypnotism!1

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