Power, The Crusader's Crusade

Power is what Scientology's auditing promsies to coinjure up within the adherent. The lure of power draws those on the quest for it and cements relationships just for this purpose.

The Church of Scientology, Inc., feels that they have this "power". Some groups outside of this church want that "power". The members of this church desire it and those who been excommunicated wish for it. Power is what drives the mind mad and it will do whatever is necessary to ensure it's unalienable right to it's fair share of it.

The dream of hope that the CoS has begun, continues, much as a parasite, within those it touches. Sometimes, this parasite cannot be denied and becomes unbearable to the degree that a crusade is undertaken on it's behalf.

The road to power if frought with self defeating pitfalls. Power is illusionary to the degree of delusion. Power exists as a contradictory polarity. Fighting for power always ends with the same results and consequences.

If "standard technology" were workable, would it not have already produced demonstratable results that could not be denied. Is the hypnotic trance so well induced that much like a drug, it seeks regeneration and growth?

Why reform, destroy or even create, an illusionary dream in which substance is wholly absent. To what ends. Fooling ourselves does not always mean that we can fool others.1

  1. Unpublished 

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