Scientology Bill of Rights


  1. The attainment of POWER, the most important substance in this universe.
  2. Give up MONEY, whether in your possession or not, to attain that power.
  3. Know that your friends and family are beneath you and to DISREGARD them.
  4. KILL those who stand in your way.
  5. SERVE L. Ron Hubbard as one would a God.
  6. Serve the right arm of God by serving the SAVIOR, David Miscavige.
  7. LIE, to learn how to say one thing while meaning another.
  8. Refuse to believe in the SACRED Xenu scriptures.
  9. ACCEPT the sacred Xenu scriptures when your donation level is sufficient.
  10. VOW that once a Scientologist, always a Scientologist.
  11. Realize that not being in the Sea Org is synonymous with UNACCEPTABILITY.
  12. Encompass all aspects of life in relation to STATISTICS.
  13. Use whatever methods necessary in order to gain CONVERTS.
  14. Make money, to make more money for the CHURCH.
  15. DENY medical treatment to those in need.
  16. FALSIFY documents and records to further our cause.
  17. KNOW that what we tell you is truth and what others tell you are lies.
  18. Not agree with INJUSTICE in the world, as we see it.
  19. UNDERSTAND that there was no Christ and that religion is a tool for power.
  20. Be DENIED dignity and respect while showing the same to our God and Savior.
  21. Know that you are your MIND and that the church would never lie to you.
  22. Be EXPOSED to the proper and standard methods of spiritual enlightenment.
  23. Become an Operating Thetan and to RULE the universe.
  24. Be given FREEDOM to purchase the Bridge to Power.
  25. Serve no laws but our OWN.
  26. MAKE UP rules as needed.1

  1. This article was posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology as part of a particular series. 

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