Studying The Past

How does an organization, in particular the Church of Scientology, come to terms with the fact that it must have it's parishioners selectively turn a deaf ear to various sections of the "Written Work" by L. Ron Hubbard?

All of the scriptures produced by L. Ron Hubbard are considered "enlightened" and must therefore be unerringly understood and exactly followed. The Church of Scientology even goes so far as to ensure that the numerous books written by their Guide is made available to all to enjoy, yet many of the ideas, thoughts and auditing processes are superseded by more modern versions. Are old and outdated scriptures to be understood before enlightenment can occur during the study of the more revised, but modern scriptures.

Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health, so lovingly referred to as Book One, contains enormous amounts of invalid data, yet this book is advertised as being invaluable in understanding the mind.

If we go to school to study some subject, are we taught outdated and invalid methods, data and ideas, to ensure that we fully understand the current state of the subject. It would be fruitless to do so. Studing a subject from the standpoint of unworkability would be ridiculous.

It could be the Church of Scientology feels that from a religious point of view, it's scriptures are ALL valid because they have been produced by divine influence.

Worshipping scripture for the sake of worship leads to rites that have no ultimate meaning other than one of performing the act of worship. The act becomes greater than the wisdom that is so fervently sought.

Studying time-worn texts and philosophies are valid endeavors, but studying how a subject has evolved over time will be of little benefit other than to scholars.

The subject of Scientology has come to an end with the passing on of it's founder and sole contributor, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard. The subject, according to it's own principals, cannot be altered or modified in anyway. There is no where to go.

To justify this philosophy, Scientology views itself as a science in which all of mankind's problems are fully understood and solvable. If actions demonstrate purpose then the odds with which this organization finds itself embroiled within demonstrate not only the unworkability of it's philosophy, but the destruction of those opposed to it's will.

Overlooking the workability of the philosophy in the hopes that our dreams will be realized is more than just self-delusional. Putting our minds to sleep so that we can dream of ourselves in the Garden of Eden, does not make it real. Forcing others to share in our dream does not make it real. It is a dream.1

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