The "Fleece of Freedom"

From The Dianetic Auditor's Bulletin, Volume 1, No. 12, June, 1951 "Preventive Dianetics", By Lafayette Ron Hubbard:

"Morals are fine. However, morals are not understood by this society today. Dianetics hopes to make them a little better understood, because it's a vital problem.

You look up "ethics" in the dictionary (this really stands a philosopher's hair on end) and you find it means "moral sense"; then you look up "morals" and you find it's "ethics." But morals are not ethics at all! Ethics have to do with a code of agreement amongst people that they will conduct themselves in a fashion which will attain to the optimum solution of their problems.

Morals, on the other hand, are things which were introduced into the society to resolve harmful practices which could not be explained or treated in a rational manner. So you had to create an artificial sort of a law which went forward, which would not be an optimum solution, but would block this and block that in an effort to keep something from happening. In other words, the morals were jackleg solutions all the way along the line. Didn't know what caused it, couldn't stop it in any other way, let's prevent it, let's invent a moral: that's actually the history of moral codes."

Hubbard should not have used a teeny dictionary, and his attempt at trying to understand ethics and morals reflected the ensuing psychotic nature of both his policies and the organization around which it was built, in this regard.

Flagrantly creating illusions and charming the natives was a mainstay in his tools of "how to be right". Being right is a compulsion and this compulsion has never left the world of Scientology and has even seeped around the edges to spill out into the "wog" world.

The illusions continue to be real in the minds of many who have escaped the compulsive arms of the "church". Those who have succumbed to this created nightmare continue to seek the elusive "Golden Fleece" in a way that they have been well taught - compulsively. Chanting the mantra of "freedom", these people continue to blindly blunder to and fro seeking an end to their misery.

Scientology has promised "freedom", and the minds of acceptance eagerly seek it even when they are discarded from the pews of study. The compulsion does not end when the door is closed behind them. Chanting the mantra of slavery, they continue to seek the elusive Fleece of Freedom plowing blindly through life seeking recompense.

Seeking stolen documents to ensure their "freedom" they discover too late that the freedom promised is hallucinatory. Overcome with the compulsion they know so well, they refuse to believe it and continue to seek the Fleece of Freedom in the hopes that a "deeper" understanding will reveal their rewards.

The rewards are there for the one who seeks, but compulsion and freedom cannot be had by convincing others of the need for same. It is a created slavery to the mind of Hubbard.

The need for living in someone else's nightmare can only be overcome by accepting the fact that dreams, no matter the content, are only dreams. You CAN choose differently.1

  1. This article was posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology as part of a particular series. 

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