The Mindset Of Scientology

Scientology, developed as an outgrowth of Dianetics which was researched on the streets of Hollywood in 1947 by L. Ron Hubbard, is a mindset. As Fox Moulder, from the television series "X Files", describes it via the poster that occupies a wall above his desk, "I want to believe". That same desire creates the mind set that has trapped more than a few people who have entered the storefronts of Scientology.

So strongly do some people want to believe, that even when their ties to the organization are severed, they continue to "want to believe". Restraining themselves from continuing the dream is impossible. These people continue to seek like-minded individuals in which to practice the Scientology art of mind confession as those who have a drug-induced psychotic deficiency.

The art of mind games, played by Scientologists is not one of a beneficial nature. It is one of a disease, that must be passed to those who are well, only to prove that sickness is welcomed because everyone has it.

The art of hypnotic suggestion, in which Dianetics and Scientology have their roots, is not wholly absent from the procedures and rituals practiced by those same adherents. Both are inextricably entwined so as to present a "workable" technology that must be acceptable planet-wide. "Clearing" the planet is the mantra of the organization in which the founder of this new age religion has placed his trust. Paying homage is divided between this mantra and to the founder for which his extensive research into hypnotism and mysticism is without question accepted as necessary in the quest for understanding the human mind.

The Scientology religion, unlike all other religions, was created not from divine inspiration, but from the proclaimed scientific exploration and self-evident proof that the mind contains all the answers to which one seeks. There is no higher power than the mind and the entire life of the aspirant is devoted to understanding this concept through the study of the writings, which are more recently called "scriptures", of the late Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.

These writings are not spiritually inspired and on the contrary have been denoted as being "science" and promoting the separation of the mind from spiritual enlightenment, although the promise is made that spiritual freedom can be had by studying the mind.

Science and religion have met and out of that collision Scientology has found it's way into the hearts and minds of the seekers of greater wisdom. But can religious wisdom be found within the science of mind? The Church of Scientology, Inc., seems to think so by promoting promises of great powers to those who are willing to pay enormous amounts of money for the privilege of studying what Mr. Hubbard has penned.

Lofty promises as made by those who fail to withstand the test of time. As science has learned, promises are but untested and unproven theories and as such can only be looked upon with suspicious apprehension. Scientology, on the other hand, seems to indicate that they can prove that freedom of the mind can be obtained through the study of Mr. Hubbard's scriptures and that the mind is capable of great feats once this study is completed. Unfortunately, no proof has been demonstrated of the efficacy of this public relations statement since the organizations inception.

Through the mind anything is possible, but not all people are so easily fooled. Going the distance with a scientific religion will get you neither as the religious study of science will provide no proof of spirituality or of the complete control of that spirituality as is being currently promised by Mr. Hubbard's Church of Scientology, Inc.

If Scientology has the tools to solve Mankind's woes, would it not have been accomplished in the decades since it's creation? What would the push for governmental acceptability for non-profit status have to do with pursuing an ethical course in doing the job that it proclaims it is doing? Is this organization doing battle against it's enemies? Is so, then the so-called solutions and promises that it proclaims to hold are nebulous at best.

All reasons and justifications as to why Mankind's woes have not be resolved merely obfuscates the fact that it has not, is not, and cannot be addressed through answers to questions that do not exist.

Fervently believing in something does not make it come to pass. Playing games with minds can only encourage the mind to play games. Of what use is it to explore the past through the mind, much in the same way that psychiatry does, of which Scientology is so vehemently opposed to?

Through the mind disasters do happen. Is it not more beneficial to explore who it is that creates this circumstance than it is to explore the circumstance itself? Neither religion nor science can provide this answer, but you can.

The mindset of Scientology is a set of procedures and rituals, much as science in itself is, but with the added detrimental effect of it being empty in it's promises and harmful to the advocate's family, friends and personal well being.

Ritualistic training in the basic Scientology philosophy of "cause and effect", will provide the mind with wonderful new delights in which to involved itself within, but providing the mind with new insights will only intensify the mind's control over it's Creator.

Bypassing the mind, the Creator exists alone as it has always existed. Taking the long road to get there is the road of the mind. The mind ensure's it's own survival. Contrary to Mr. Hubbard's proclamation that the term "survive" is the principal of existence, it is not. It is the mind's basis of operation and Mr. Hubbard's polarity of "succumb" is also ill understood other than in the context of the mind.

Seek and you will find. Not the way of thoughts, memories or imagination, but the way of existence. After ruling out what is not, the obvious becomes clear. You are not your mind and never have been. Thinking about it is best left up to the mind.

"When a man realizes the Self, what will he see?"1

  1. This article was posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology as part of a particular series. 

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