The Tomb Of The Unknown Pharaoh

Spiritual fruition, in the coming year, will be plentiful. What has been sowed will be reaped and as we float along in "time" our efforts begin to become less agonizing.

The mark of greatness is not what is said. It is not measured in the outward actions of individuals. It is what occurs when balance is brought into being and demonstrated, many times in ways that we can only guess at. No matter the display, it occurs.

We seek outward demonstrations as guides for our own limitations and expectations of greatness. Greatness is not a reward. It is a state of attainment and that attainment is rarely announced or herald.

What lies in the Tomb of the Unknown Pharaoh are the hearts and minds of those who have existed, but have never fulfilled their own search of greatness. They continue to live on, seeking the elusive effort that will bring the desired rewards.

Greatness comes not with effort nor by right. It comes by realizing the nature of that which is. It is there for the taking and all that must be accomplished is doing less where more is thought to be required.

Greatness already exists. It is not something to be shared, demonstrated, admired or studied. Is simply Is, and it embodies each of us.

The Tomb of the Unknown Pharaoh contains the remains of those who have sought, and failed. It contains the bodies of you and me and all those around you. Unknown are the number of times that we have expended effort and failed in our endeavors, only to repeat those same efforts again and again.

We are Pharaohs and existence is our domain. Rise and meet the new day.

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