The Powers of Science and Religion

Question: What does religion have to do with "science of mind"?
Answer: In the minds of many, not a thing.

Hubbard changed the face of corporate America by introducing religion as a business entity and calling it "science". Confusing isn't it?

Welcome to the New Age of Hubbard where the definition of anything can take on new meaning when the Powers of OT are demonstrated!

For "Power", some will lie, cheat and steal. Others will gladly give up their own moral character for the smell of it. And then there are those who will believe anything in the hopes of attaining even a small portion of it.

Science examines and catalogs the physical universe around us, while religion furthers a belief in the existence of something greater than the identity with which we put on display for those around us. If Hubbard's science requires belief in "OT Powers" then it is no science at all.

If religion furthers the belief that with "science" all of our problems will be solved, then that "science" will never be attained because once it is attained, then it could no longer be called a religion.

Hubbard's global empire has beliefs that, with their "science", they can create "OT Powers". This is a valid belief. This belief has never been proven and will remain as elusive as the facts to back it up.

Hubbard HAS created a new religion. It is the worship of "OT Powers", and by divine right, only L. Ron Hubbard may bestow that "Power" upon those who are in His favor. It is a belief system and deserves to be called the religion that it is.

Bowing down in righteousness, in this new religion, the advocate is not required to bend their knees in a display of humility. Instead, the advocate uses the will of their mind to concentrate their devotional "Powers" upon L. Ron Hubbard and on the beliefs with which he has instilled upon the minds of the "weak".

"OT Power" will remain elusive as long as it is encompassed within a belief system. It will remain elusive within the scientific realm as well, until these "Powers" can be openly demonstrated and duplicated.

The score, so far is:

Hubbard's religion of Scientology is not a science, but a belief system and we all have the right to believe in what we wish.

"Be careful what you wish for."1

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